Indonesian Maid vs Paki Carpet

Malaysia is technically the best country in the world when treat foreigner from others country come and working here. I express my sympathy when read news what happen to them the foreigner, when entering others country like Australia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. It’s different here when see Malaysian attitude by nature was educated to be tolerance and love sharing their wealth to foreigners. That why today we can see many foreigners bombardment these country take the opportunity and bring back prosperity send to their homeland.

One of my friend in University who have civil engineering degree holder currently need to compete with others engineer from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippine for monthly salary basic RM1300 per month. I see this is unfair for Malaysian and very bad for my friend to survive. Lucky when he get a job as a teacher even everybody know, that’s not the way for Malaysia going advanced to build another structure building like KLCC in future

Back to this entry title, Indonesian Maid vs Paki Carpet is about video 3GP record by CCTV camera set secretly by the home owner when all family going holiday. I quite surprise when see how dare this couple make love in living room and ignoring the incident in case the home owner flight suddenly delay or canceled..LOL. Paki Carpet is a informal offensive term using by Malaysian to Pakistani who selling Carpet, Ayat etc. from house to house and accepted installment payment. I hope you enjoy this 3GP and meet you next with Chinese 3GP June2008.
pakistani carpet

Indonesian Maid vs Paki Carpet – Rapidshare
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Lata Bayu Baling Kedah 3GP

Lata Bayu is a very beautiful rapid flow cascade water stream in these country located in Baling Kedah. It’s the place for teenagers and Rempit couple stop point for their R&R area to take fresh air, cooling their body and for their own good motorbike engine as well. Every weekend Lata Bayu attracted many people going there and these area was gazetted one of the best place for forest tourism activity.

Many of them already alert with danger in Lubuk Tupah where previously so popular place and was attracted huge attention from Mat Skodeng, Paparazzi and Unit Minah Skodeng going there to record their 3GP video and make Lubuk Tupah outdated now and not relevant anymore. So change to NEW location in Lata Bayu is best option for their desire to make love in jungle.

Activity such as kissing, romance, blowjob and finally fcuking you can see live same like you are there in Lata Bayu Baling Kedah when download Lata Bayu 3GP below.


Lata Bayu Baling Kedah 3GP – Rapidshare
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Kualiti video= sangat tinggi

Bintang yang diberikan oleh sabul:” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


Baca dan Download Majalah Malaysia Secara Percuma

Seperti biasa, hari Sabtu Ahad sabul lepak sekejap dengan berbagai fun stuffs.

Hari Isnin kita upload bahan baru.

Download dan baca majalah Malaysia secara percuma. Layann.

Macam-macam majalah ada:

Untuk baca & download, KLIK SINI

Malaysian Indian Blue Movies – Tandoori

Pasti anda pening di manakah 3GP orang India di malaysia kan?

Sebenarnya orang India tak lah sebodoh orang Melayu yang mengedarkan cerita lucah melalui internet (aku tak terasa apa-apa bila cakap macam ni sebab aku bukan Melayu @ non-Malay).

Tapi walaupun orang India lebih pandai daripada Melayu yang bodoh tu, aku akan memperbodohkan orang India juga. Tak apa, semua rasa.

Akan datang di pawagam sabul, Tandoori 3GP.. Kebanggaan masyarakat India di Malaysia

Bahan sedang dikumpul.. 3GP berkualiti tinggi

Nak upload sekarang tak boleh, pasal tak dapat access RapidShare, dan laman web lain juga.

Jelai 3gp @ Jolai 3gp

Jelai is a place located in Negeri Sembilan one of the beautiful state in Malaysia. Currently Jelai famous with most wanted 3GP where every 3GP fan especially Malay hunger wanna to watch this clips. The reason is only one they really want to know how come these 21 years old girl easier to make love with old man just satisfied with RM20 mobile phone prepaid topup in return.

I don’t know how truth these thing because the information we have only from local newspaper report these news a week ago without attached with link download or reference video for final clarification. Malay look this case is serious thing and they going angry because today style of news should be report with the 3gp it’s self.

I comprehend with people need and start busy looking this one to fulfill all my Malays members club and make them satisfied with supplying the Jelai 3GP. I can imagine how happy they all when downloading Jelai 3GP and watching next on their monitor PC, Laptop or their mobile phone with in their brain thinking how crazy Malaysian today. Crazy or not this is technology today and I believe we going to nano age and all thing going fast in compact medium like 3GP Jelai Terlampau.

However in another part of world Malaysian forget about the another name for Jelai. It’s really interesting and to know further you can download the 3GP via links below.

jelai 3gp

Jelai 3GP – Rapidshare
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Ni Jolai @ Jelai in action.

Minyak mahal, tapi sabul tetap diteruskan.